Need Your Pool Closed OR Winterized?

Don’t worry - we’ve got it covered. Please note: If you are losing water, due to a leak in your liner or pool shell, it is important that you repair it before closing the pool. Severe damage to the pool structure, pool cover, or other property can occur if the underlying issue isn’t addressed. Proper winterization of your swimming pool is very important, as damage can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars when done improperly.

What’s Included?

  • Removing Ladders, Diving Board, and Handrails

  • Winterizing Pump and Filter System

  • Blowing Out All Pipes, Skimmers, and Returns

  • Application of FREE Winter Chemicals

  • Transporting All Equipment to Storage Location

  • Installing Pool Cover & Water Tubes

Special Notes: If you have a mesh cover, or a solid cover that has drains, the water level in the pool will rise over the next few months. Please be sure to monitor the level, to ensure standing water does not collect on top of the cover. If you have a gunite pool with tile, the water level must remain below the tile at all times to prevent frost damage in the winter. If you have a standard tarp-style cover, be sure to keep standing water off the top, as this will result in the cover failing or falling into the pool with its contents.


optional at pool closing:

  • Repairs To Pool or Spa System

  • Pump Out Pool/Lower Water Level

  • Winterize Extra Pumps or Filters

  • Close Spa Attached to Pool System

  • Close Free Standing spas or hot tubs

  • Winterizing Pool Heater

  • Loop-Loc Cover Adjustment

  • Close Waterfall

  • New Plugs

  • New Gizzmos

  • Additional Shock

  • Water Bags

  • Loop-Loc Anchors

  • Loop-Loc Springs

Ready to close your pool before the winter?

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