Any Repair: BIG OR SMALL,

We always love a challenge!

it’s not magic. it’s dedication.

Hopefully your pool will never look like this. Years of neglect made this project challenging, but it ended up being one of our favorite rescues. The homeowners were delighted with the result, and it’s easy to tell why. This pool went from having a 10 foot tall tree growing out of the deep end, to becoming the envy of the neighborhood.

We added some fun features, like a waterfall and a new heating system. This pool went from a landfill, to one of Long Island’s best.

More Than a Remodel...

Vinyl pool construction on Long island

Our market here on Long Island is special. We have a different type of pool construction than the rest of the world. This is owing mostly to our sandy soil and wide temperature swings. You wont find our pools anywhere but here, and nobody builds them better than us. From steel wall to concrete wall, we will make your dream pool design happen. Our Long Island pool experts are experienced, reliable and dedicated to building the pool of your dreams, and service it for as long as you own it.

gunite pool construction

Truly a high-end pool. As always, we build them with love. A building technique as old as pools themselves, gunite pools feature a solid concrete and rebar structure, and are custom made on-site. They are 50% concrete, 50% artwork, and 100% beautiful. Nothing can match the long-term value and dependability that comes with building something out of such rugged material.